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We’re here for the girls. You who have found your voices and those of you who have yet to discover the power you possess. We’re here to encourage you to get in touch with your inner badass and be firmly in your corner when you do.

Women: Unapologetic. Raw. Real. Empowered.



Lauren Harbury


Me? Classy and sassy, but mostly smart-assy.

Coffee and orgasms are non-negotiable. Yes, I love my dog more than you. No, I’m not sorry about it. I am a writer, a world-traveler, a part-time yogi, and a full-time magnet for all things crazy and comical. I don’t make any excuses for who I am. And neither should you.

Amanda Gadsden


Whoever said that your twenties is all dream jobs and weekend brunches can cash me outside. Thank God for family, friends, and cabernet sauvignon for keeping me sane. I speak fluent sarcasm, Idris Elba could get it, I have zero tolerance for bullshit, and I love sports. Oh, and I’m ashamed of what I would do for a Klondike bar.


Tiana Byers


Like most of you, I am in my twenties, with dreams that cost more than my rent. I have fantasies about John Stamos. I waste 40% of each paycheck on plantain chips and bath bombs from Whole Foods. I have crushes on dead poets, I cuss too much, and I will gladly fight your exes on your behalf.